The best things female celebrities said about each other in the Time list

Time magazine has unveiled its 100 most influential people of the year, with a list that includes the likes of Samantha Bee, Chance the Rapper and Ivanka Trump. Australia’s Margot Robbie also made the cut.


The list includes artists, business types and icons.

In keeping with tradition, the magazine had other influential people write their new Linkedin bio for them, with a paragraph on what makes them so influential.

And the best part was reading the woman-to-woman affirmations from one famous woman to another, an important thing to note when the gender pay gap exists even in Hollywood and women can sometimes struggle to be heard. It’s kind of like the magazine version of the ‘amplification’ strategy that women on Barack Obama’s team used when he was in office to make sure they had a seat at the table/didn’t have some average dude getting all the credit simply because he spoke up in the brainstorm session.

According to the Washington Post, ‘amplification’ worked like this.

“When a woman made a key point, other women would repeat it, giving credit to its author. This forced the men in the room to recognise the contribution ??? and denied them the chance to claim the idea as their own.”

“We just started doing it, and made a purpose of doing it. It was an everyday thing,” one former Obama aide told the reporter.

And it worked. President Obama called on women and more junior staff more often.

Then there’s ‘shine theory’ which is, as described by writer Ann Friedman, all about surrounding yourself with women that you admire and revelling in their gloriousness, rather than feeling intimidated or jealous of them.

“When you meet a woman who is intimidatingly witty, stylish, beautiful, and professionally accomplished, befriend her. Surrounding yourself with the best people doesn’t make you look worse by comparison. It makes you better,” writes Friedman.

So back to that Time list. Below are some of the best things that famous women – arguably the shiniest of them all – had to say about each other.

Emma Stone, by Brie Larson

“Emma takes on significant roles off-screen as well. The selfless friend. The wise psychiatrist. The fearless leader. The coolest girl at the party. (She’s even the intense soccer mom, cheering you on, no matter what, at the top of her lungs.) I know that she has played all of these roles in my life. And for that I’m lucky to call her my friend.

But what I really admire about Emma the person???as well as Emma the actor???is that she is never afraid to show us the most difficult thing you can show the world: yourself.”

Viola Davis, by Meryl Streep

“???Viola has carved a place for herself on the Mount Rushmore of the 21st century – new faces emerging from a neglected mountain. And when she tells the story of how she got from where she was to where she is, it is as if she is on a pilgrimage, following her own footsteps and honouring that journey. Her gifts as an artist are unassailable, undeniable, deep and rich and true.”

Melinda Gates, by Sheryl Sandberg

“Her vision for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has helped lift the lives of millions of people. Its work reflects her impatient optimism. Her ability to think big and move fast. Her love of numbers. (Bill’s not the only data geek in the family.) Her passionate commitment to empowering women and girls, seen in the foundation’s support for increasing access to contraceptives in developing countries. Her fundamental belief in human dignity. It’s all there, woven tightly into the DNA of one of the most ambitious and generous philanthropies in history. And with the launch of her new organisation, Pivotal Ventures, Melinda has yet another avenue to effect meaningful change.

“Her impact will be felt for generations to come.”

Simone Biles, by Leslie Jones

“Simone is a very extraordinary person, and she’s going to be a very extraordinary grownup.”

Demi Lovato, by Arianna Huffington

“Demi Lovato is a remarkably talented artist and performer. But her courage, honesty and willingness to use her own experiences to help others are what make her a true star.”

Read the full list at Time.

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